bracing solutions


Choose an area to see what products we recommend. bodyoutline We offer a wide variety of custom bracing for ligament injuries and osteo-arthritic conditions. Call our clinic for more details and to speak to our bracing technician.
djoshoulderstab   Donjoy Shoulder Stabilizer A solid piece of armour, this stabilizer gives you a significant amount of control for your post-surgical or chronically subluxing shoulder. It's a warm piece to wear, but very successful at limiting your overall range of motion.
djospa   Donjoy Shoulder Stabilizer SPA Specific to football, this arm cuff attaches to the eyelets of the chest piece on your shoulder pads. This simple strap attachment prevents excessive shoulder flexion, abduction, and external rotations.
anatechgh   Anatech Shoulder Restraint The lightest version of a shoulder restraint available, the Anatech restraint is similar to the Donjoy Shoulder Stabilizer with a lot less bulk to the brace, including a mesh trunk component which allows for easier moisture wicking.